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Amplified "Wild Type" Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy


Intensive Cancer Therapy Using Up To 1000x Cultivated Volume Of Aggressive NK* Cells Resulting In Anti-Cancer Injury Activity Of Up To 10x higher, Using World’s First Selective NK Cell Proliferation and Activation Technology

Amplified Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy safely proliferates and activates large volumes of aggressive  wild type* NK Cells in vitro, and infuses the cells back to the patient in up to 12 infusions over 6 weeks, in order to sustain therapeutic thresholds longer; overwhelming unchecked cancer growth. Overcomes immune suppression, weakened immunity and drug resistance challenges. Low side reactions.

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Wild Type NK Cell Benefits

  • Potent anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-graft-vs-host disease potential functional capabilities [1]

  • Attacks any cancer type, including cancer cells that do not express MHC Class I [1]

  • Attacks cancer stem cells - the only agent with this capability [2]

  • Suppresses metastasis [3]

  • ‘Memory’ protection capability [4]

  • Higher tumour killing power than T-cells [5]

  • Wild type NK Cells are more effective than cell line derived NK cells [6]

  • Basic NK Cell biology videos [7


Amplified Wild Type NK Cell Immunotherapy Benefits

  • Intensive therapeutic protocol designed to regain supremacy over unchecked cancer cell growth, while overcoming immune suppression, weakened immune system or drug resistance [8]

  • Up to 1000x increase in activated NK Cell volume in-vitro; 10x - 100x more compared to other cultivation methods [8]

  • 4x - 10x higher anti-cancer injury activity compared to other cultivation methods [8]

  • Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity option for even higher tumour killing activity [9]

  • Amplified NK Cells will awaken dormant NK & Killer T cells in the body as reinforcements to fight heavy cancer burdens

  • Low side reactions

  • Does not damage healthy cells

  • Does not interfere with other cancer treatment

Target Patients

Any cancer [10]

Any stage

Outpatient Setting

Regulatory Status

Act On The Safety Of Regenerative Medicine Class 3

Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare Registered

 * NK               : Natural Killer     

 * Wild Type   : As it occurs in nature - own cells 


Dr. Takashi Fukushima [11]

Clinic Director

Mitaka Healthcare Clinic

ANK Cells Therapy

Singapore Representative

Wealth Springs Holdings Pte Ltd

Company Registration : 201330060E

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Mitaka Sangyo Plaza

5F-B, 3-38-4 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo

Tel: +81 422-40-0102

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