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Mitaka Sangyo Plaza 5F-B, 3-38-4, Mitaka, Tokyo

Amplified Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy Patient Procedure

1. Consultation

2. Payment

3. Lymphocytes  Collection

4. Natural Killer Cells   

Selectively Cultured

& Amplified Up To 1000x Cell Volume

5. Therapeutic 

Intensive Intravenous Infusion


Consult With Dr Takashi Fukushima, Clinic Director

and  determine treatment plan and timeline


Optimum treatment is determined by schedule of

primary cancer treatment

Full payment is required upfront.


Lymphocytes are collected outside the body using a special lymphocyte separator device (leukapheresis). Natural Killer Cells are a type of Lymphoctye. Collection will be performed in outpatient settings at the Clinic.


Lymphocytes are collected by circulating 5 to 8 litres of blood

and takes 3 hours 


Extracted lymphocytes will be packed for shipment to cell cultivation centre


Collected lymphocytes are transferred by bullet train to highly advanced cell culture centre in Kyoto immediately


Natural Killer cells are selectively cultured and amplified in a clean room

10 bil.png

3 weeks to grow 10 billion Amplified Natural Killer Cells. Up to  1000x volume growth from initial Natural Killer cells collected

drip chamber.png

Amplified Natural Killer Cells are infused back to the patient in the outpatient infustion room at the Clinic

ank infusion.png

Amplified Natural Killer Cells are delivered via intravenous infusion

ank infusion.png

30 minutes per session; A Total of 12 sessions over 6 weeks

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