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Dr Takashi Fukushima


Director of Mitaka Healthcare Clinic, Dr. Takashi Fukushima Wei, M.D. was inspired to found his own clinic by his personal experiences with cancer patients who have been ineffectively treated with conventional cancer therapies. He was particularly convinced of the effectiveness of Amplified Natural Killer (ANK) therapy out of all other therapies as it aligned with his scientific expertise and rationality, since it harnessed the ability of NK cells to kill. The therapy also requires no hospitalisation, strengthens the immune system against recurrent cancer and is a viable option for patients at terminal stage.

Dr. Fukushima is a highly skilled physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine with over 14 years of experience in the acute medical unit and ER in one of the largest hospitals in Tokyo, Kyorin University Hospital. He is an expert in comprehensive medical examinations with over 10 years of experience, and has been an occupational health physician at KDDI as a health consultant for over 4000 employees. He has also been an auditor and educator for physicians at Tachikawa Hospital.

Additionally, he has specialized experience in ANK cancer immunotherapy for over 10 years in a wide variety of cancers including rare cancers such as peritoneal cancer or refractory cancers such as malignant lymphoma. Currently, he is also treating over 1000 patients monthly, specializing in respiratory diseases, vascular diseases, and other lifestyle diseases, as well as working as an autopsy specialist and an occupational health physician for FC Tokyo. He is also registered with the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japan Medical Association and the Japan Diabetes Society.

With his bountiful experience and passion to improve cancer therapy for patients, patients can be rest assured that they are in good hands.

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