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Wild Type Natural Killer cells are more effective than Cell Line Derived Natural Killer cells

Wild type Natural Killer (NK) cells refer to NK cells that occur naturally in the body, and have not gone under any type of laboratory process. Amplified Natural Killer (ANK) therapy uses wild type NK cells and will amplify volume and cancer killing activity of NK cells extracted from your own blood.


Cell line NK cells are derived from NK cells through a rigorous laboratory process to produce cells with identical characteristics. These cells can be cultivated on a large scale in the laboratory easily and are used to produce sufficient cells for research. However, this cultivation process involving load-based selection also causes cell line NK cells lose some of their wild type capability, and can lose their ability to attack even MHC class I cancer cells. This makes them unsuitable for clinical use even though they may be easier to cultivate. 


Anti-cancer therapies based on cell line NK cells  are being researched by other companies.

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